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Research topics

The research activities of SWRI cover the following topics:

IMG 20181010 101537Water

  1. Design of irrigation and drainage networks
  2. Irrigation technologies, irrigation water management and optimization
  3. Hydrodynamics of hydraulic structures
  4. Surface hydrology at basin and field scale
  5. Flood analysis and erosion
  6. Groundwater hydrology
  7. Develop and optimize artificial groundwater recharge systems
  8. Geothermal energy and heat pumps research and applications
  9. Hydrogeochemistry
  10. Advanced monitoring systems in water resources
  11. Climatology, agrometeorology and climate change
  12. Ecological indicators and characterization of freshwater bodies
  13. Freshwater ecosystems’ services



2017 11 25 10 38 59 1200x900Soil and plant

  1. Soil physics and chemistry
  2. Soil microbiology, enzymes and nymatodes
  3. Pedology, soil classification, land evaluation, soil mapping
  4. Assessment of soil pollution and land degradation (erosion, desertification, degradation of organic matter, salinization, alkalization, decline of biodiversity) and remediation
  5. Biochemical cycles in agricultural, forest and aquatic ecosystems
  6. Soil fertility and plant nutrition (including modeling fertilization requirements for more than 60 crops)
  7. Stress effects of abiotic environmental factors on plant physiology





ΤααστικάαπόβληταρυπαίνουννερόκαιεδάφοςjpgMunicipal and agricultural wastes

  1. Solid and liquid waste analysis
  2. Natural systems for waste water treatment
  3. Reclaimed water and waste application and management in agriculture
  4. Biotechnological approaches for waste valorization
  5. Bioenergy and bio-based products generation from agro-industrial wastes
  6. Use of wastes through circular economy practices in agriculture






Agricultural Engineering and new technologies in agriculturescreenshot

  1. Geographical Information Systems, geostatistics and geodatabases
  2. Remote Sensing and Precision Agriculture technologies
  3. Life Cycle Assessment and Sustainability analysis
  4. Controlled environment agriculture
  5. Agricultural mechanization





Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) in agriculture

  1. Smart agriculture,
  2. IoT applications,
  3. wireless sensor networks,
  4. farmbots,
  5. autonomous vehicles,
  6. artificial intelligence systems,
  7. machine learning,
  8. mobile applications,
  9. image-based detection technologies
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