Name and details of the person responsible:
Nektaria Liakopoulou, Chemist, Technical Officer of the accredited Soil Laboratory

Phone: 210 2816974
Extension: 330


The Department of Soil Science of Athens (DSSA) has the Soil Preparation and Analysis Laboratory, the Plant Tissue Analysis Laboratory, the Organic Materials Analysis Laboratory and the Geoinformatics Systems Laboratory. DSSA has one of the most modern chemical laboratories equipped to undertake analyses of soils, irrigation water, plant tissues and organic materials (compost and agricultural wastes). The long experience of the staff (research and technical) ensures the reliability and accuracy of the results. This is documented by the fact that the Laboratory of Soil Science of DSSA is accredited according to ELOT EN ISO/IEC 17025 (No. Certificate 525-4) for 13 soil parameters. Furthermore, the aim of the Laboratory, its staff and management team are to serve farmers, cooperatives and other institutions as well as individuals