The SWRI contributes to Water Resources Management by covering a wide range of subjects such as:

  • Establishment, documentation and operation of monitoring networks for qualitative and quantitative parameters.
  • Assessment of the quantitative and qualitative status of water bodies and harmonization with the various standards and relevant legislation - water resources typology.
  • Development and application of models for the simulation of hydrological, hydrogeological and hydrogeochemical processes at different scales (plot, water body, catchment).
  • Hydrogeochemical and hydrogeological assessment.
  • Isotopic hydrology. 
  • Risk/impact assessment of quantitative and qualitative degradation, protection/restoration of water bodies.
  • Assessment (sources, processes, trends) and management of groundwater salinization
  • Assessment of intrinsic and specific aquifer vulnerability 
  • Quantitative and qualitative management of irrigation water.
  • Climate change impact on water resources and adaptation/mitigation measures
  • Strategies for water resources governance emphasizing on local socio-economic and administrative structures