Subject: Utilisation of animal waste for energy production

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Dr. Panagiotis Kougias
Principal Research Scientist


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My research interests focus on agro-industrial waste treatment, bioreactor design, optimization of anaerobic bioprocesses and development of sustainable solutions for organic and liquid waste management. My research activities include both practical and technological aspects within biological process engineering and methodological issues in environmental biotechnology. Main activities concern projects related to biogas production and upgrading, production of high value-added products from biological processes and environmental microbiology. The innovative results of my research have been published in various peer-reviewed journals and international conference proceedings (>200 scientific publications, including >80 ISI publications, H-index 37). Finally, I have extensive experience in project implementation, as a scientific manager, coordinator or leader of work modules (GGEC, ERANET, LIFE, Horizon).

Scopus Indexed
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  3. Demonstration of a mobile unit for hybrid energy storage based on CO2 capture and renewable energy sources- LIFE CO2toCH4, LIFE, 2021-2025, Work Package Leader,
  4. Capture and Reuse Of biogenic gases for Negative-emission - sustainable biofUelS- CRONUS, Horizon Europe, 2022-2026, Work package Leader 
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  2. Biological biogas upgrade via conversion of carbon dioxide into biomethane- BioUpgrade, 2021-2023, Work Package Leader
  3. Utilization of the rice cultivation residues serving the principals of the circular economy for renewable energy and building materials production- RiceQube, 2021-2023, Work Package Leader
  4. Information system for assessment and evaluation of biomass and organic waste potential for the production of green products in Region of Central Macedonia- BiomassRCM, 2021-2023, Work Package Leader
  5. Utilization of second-class fruits for the production of high value-added products in the Region of Central Macedonia- FRUITVALUE, 2021-2024, Work Package Leader
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  7. Promoting the use of stabilized residue from biogas plants as an innovative soil conditioner- bioFERTIL, 2020-2023, Work Package Leader
  8. Exploitation of by-products from biogas plants for greenhouse heating and production of high added-value agricultural products with reduced environmental footprint- GreenBioHeat, 2020-2023, Subcontractor