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Dr. Evangelos Tziritis
Senior Research Scientist


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Dr Evangelos Tziritis is a senior research scientist at the Soil and Water Resources Institute of the Hellenic Agricultural Organization (ELGO-DIMITRA). His main research domain focuses on environmental hydrogeochemistry and relevant water resources. He has significant experience in various methodological approaches for geo-environmental analysis at the catchment-scale level (e.g. hydrogeochemical modelling, environmental indicators, hydrological isotopes, groundwater vulnerability). He also has expert knowledge of environmental monitoring of water resources and groundwater salinization. His overall achievements include several years of experience in geo-environmental projects of basic and applied research in liaison with private firms, stakeholders, and academia. He has participated in more than 20 projects and has published more than 40 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals of the SCI and at several international conferences. He is a regular reviewer of more than 30 SCI peer-review scientific journals. Currently, he is the coordinator of the MEDSAL Project (PRIMA Programme,, focusing on the multi-sourced salinisation of coastal aquifers.

Scopus Indexed
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  1. Sustainable water reuse practices improving safety in agriculture, food and environment (SAFE) – PRIMA Programme. Duration: 2022-2025. Role: Research team member
  2. Safeguarding the livelihood of rural communities and the environment in the Mediterranean through nature-based solutions (Mara-Mediterra). PRIMA Programme. Duration: 2022-2025. Role: Research team member
  3. Demonstration of a mobile unit for hybrid energy storage based on CO2 capture and renewable energy sources (CO2toCH4) – LIFE20 CCm/GR/001642. Duration: 2021-2025. Role: Research team member
  4. "Learning and action alliances for Nexus environments in an uncertainf future (LENSES) - PRIMA Programme
    Duration: 2021-2024. Role: Research team member,"
  5. "Salinization of critical groundwater reserves in coastal Mediterranean areas: Identification, risk assessment and sustainable management with the use of integrated modelling and smart ICT tools (MEDSAL) – PRIMA Programme.
    Duration: 2019-2022. Role: Project Coordinator, Principal Investigator of research team,"
  6. " Agricultural Interoperability and Analysis System (ATLAS) – HORIZON 2020
    Duration: 2019-2022. Role: Research team member."
  7. "Providing services for management of natural resources (Re-Source) – INTERREG V-B Balkan-Mediterranean 2014-2020 Programme.
    Duration: 2019-2020. Role: Research team member,"
  8. "Recovery of olive oil by-products through bio/hydrochars production for agricultural soil fertilization and environment preservation (FERTICHAR) – ARIMNet2 Programme.
    Duration: 2018-2020. Role: Research team member,"
  9. "Promoting water efficiency and supporting the shift towards a climate resilient agriculture in Mediterranean countries (AgroClimaWater) – LIFE 14 Programme.
    Duration: 2017-2020. Role: Research team member,"
  10. "Integrated modelling and management of nitrogen pollution in selected Greek and German catchment areas – Programme for the promotion of the exchange and the scientific cooperation between Greece and Germany IKYDA2011
    Duration: 2010-2014. Role: Research team member"
  11. "Establishment of impact assessment procedure as a tool for the sustainability of agro-ecosystem: the case of Mediterranean olives (SAGE10) – LIFE+ Environment Programme.
    Duration: 2010-2014. Role: Research team member,"
  12. "Strategic Plan for the adaptation and application of the principles for the sustainable use of pesticides in a vulnerable ecosystem (ECOPEST) - LIFE+ Environment Programme
    Duration: 2008-2011. Role: Research team member,"
  13. "The use of clay-rich rocks and mining wastes in the production of lightweight aggregates with thermal insulation properties Bilateral Greek-Romanian Research Programme
    Duration: 2006-2007. Role: Research team member"
  1. "Use of industrial mining wastes to the production of innovative fire-retardant raw materials (MagWasteVal) – Greek National Research Programme EDK.
    Duration: 2018-2020. Role: Research team member,"
  2. "Hydrogeochemical and environmental study of Samos Island and research of correlation between elevated values of soluble salts and depositions of Industrial Minerals (Borates, Niter, Celestine) – Pithagoras II Programme
    Duration: 2005-2007. Role: Research team member"
  1. Μελέτη υλοποίησης της ανασυγκρότησης αγροδιατροφικού τομέα Β. Εύβοιας , Χρηματοδότηση Σωματείο ΔΙΑΖΩΜΑ