Subject: Geospatial information with new technologies in soil and water resources in the agricultural sector

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Dr. Panagiotis Tziachris
Senior Research Scientist


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Dr. Panagiotis Tziachris is a researcher at Soil and Water Resources Institute, Hellenic Agricultural Organization - Demeter in the subject of Geospatial information with new technologies in the agricultural sector. He holds a master's degree in analysis, design and management of spatial data and a doctoral degree in the national spatial data information (NSDI) from the Department of Agronomy & Surveying Engineers of AUTh. He has been working for ELGO-DIMITRA as the head of the Department of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) since 2002, and as a researcher since 2017. At the same time he has been teaching Geographic Information Systems at the TEI of Central Macedonia for 12 years, in International Hellenic University and in American Farm School - Perrotis college for 2 years. His scientific interests are geospatial data management, geostatistics, online GIS (WEB GIS) and machine learning in soil and water resources. He has more than 30 publications in international /national journals and conference proceedings, has been selected as a reviewer in 10 SCI journals and was the guest editor in a special issue of International Journal of Geo-information (IJGI) with the title "Integrating GIS and Remote Sensing in Soil Mapping and Modeling". He has participated in over 30 national and international programs.

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  1.  Dual cropping system, Genetic Diversity, Decision support and Digital tool for Designing Eco-efficient Cereal-Legume Integrated food value Chain in the Mediterranean Basin-D4Declic, 2018-2022,ARIMNet2 , Working package leader
  2. Assessment and strategic development of INSPIRE compliant Geodata-Services for European Soil Data"-GS Soil, 2009-2012, 7th EU-Framework Programme (FP7) eContentplus project, Μέλος επιστημονικής ομάδας
  1.  Designing Smart Agriculture services to improve the economic efficiency of peach cultivation -SustainablePeach, PHASE 1, RDP -MEASURE 16.1-16.2, Research team member
  2. Saving water and reducing fertilizer inputs in the vineyards of Kefalonia - vineyards of Kefalonia, PHASE 1, PAA -MEASURE 16.1-16.2, Research team member
  1.  Investigation of the fertility of GEOK-OP-EGA for the implementation of advisory fertilization with GIS, during the years 2021-2024, Epist. Responsible
  2. Soil studies of the PE of Grevena, 2018-2020, Epist. Responsible
  3. Investigation of the fertility of the orchard soils of ASEPOP Velventos for the implementation of advisory fertilization with GIS, period 2017-2020, Epist. Responsible
  4. Investigation of the nutritional status of the olive groves of Lesvos, with the aim of increasing their productivity and improving the quality of the olive oil produced, through combined results of soil fertility and foliar diagnostics, 2021-2024, Member of the research team
  5. Fertilization of Peach Orchards at ASEPOP Velventou, 2022-2023, Research team member
  6. Innovative protocol for fertilizing peach orchards of A.S.O.P. Velventou "DIMITRA", with the aim of rationalizing fertilizer inputs and strengthening environmental and social sustainability, 2021-2024, Research team member
  7. Investigating the nutritional status and estimating the oil dosages in rice fields with a precision agriculture method of combined remote sensing, soil analysis and foliar diagnostics, 2019-2021, Member of the research team
  8. Conducting analyzes of soil samples for the disposal of EYATH treated urban sludge in farms in the Prefecture of Thessaloniki, 2016-2018, Member of the research team
  9. Soil study to reduce the inputs of chemical fertilizers and rational management of the soil and water resources of Kozani Prefecture (Municipality of Ypsilanto, Municipality of Mouriki, Municipality of Askio, Municipality of Hellespont, Municipality of Elimia, Municipality of Servia, Municipality of Livaderou), 2005-2007, Member of scientific team
  10. Mapping and Classification of Soils of the Prefecture of Thessaloniki, Rational Use of Fertilizers, Plant Protection Products and Water, Irrigation and Protection of Soil, Surface and Groundwater as well as the Production of High Quality Products, 2002-2005, Scientific Team Member