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About us

Soil & Water Resources Institute, a research unit of the Hellenic Agricultural Organisation «DEMETER»

The SWRI was founded in 2014 after the merger of four research institutes (Institute of Soil Science of Athens, Institute of Agricultural Engineering of Athens, Institute of Soil Science of Thessaloniki and Institute of Sanitary Improvements of Thessaloniki). The administrative headquarters of the Institute is located in Thermi of Thessaloniki and it operates a research unit in Sindos of Thessaloniki and in Athens the departments of Soil Science and Agricultural Engineering.

It is the largest specialized Institute in Greece in matters of protection and management of soil and water resources, covering a wide range of different related scientific issues. It focuses on the management of soils and surface and groundwater, as well as other related subjects such as crop mechanization and agricultural and urban waste management

“Our objective is, and always has been, to make infoenviroment inputs, research and analysis more affordable and accessible – especially for farmers living in the remote regions of Greece. We began with a dream to improve the quality of life, and hope to make a sustainable and revolutionary change in the country’s agriculture industry.”
Fratzis Papadopoulos – Director of the Institute

Fratzis Papadopoulos – Director of the Institute

Weather at the Institute’s Departments

Dept. of Land Reclamation-SWRI-HAO Sindos, Thessaloniki
Dept. of Agricultural Engineering Agioi Anargyroi, Greece
Dept. of Soil Science-Thessaloniki Thermi, Thessaloniki
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